Tuffy Berg Award at CM Russell

Elizabeth recently won the Tuffy Berg Award at the 2008 CM Russell show in Great Falls, Montana. The award goes to the best work submitted by an emerging artist

The piece titled "Jade Jar and Oranges" went for a record setting price of $7,000.00

My Garden

This spring my garden has exploded. I'm looking forward to paintings these roses.

To my Beloved Husband Jim

My husband and soulmate, Jim, passed away July 18th 2007. He truly was the wind beneath my wings and he is missed terribly.

Jim loved the mountains. Were were married at my dad's cabin above Oakley, Utah. It was where we both loved to be

Painting the Poppies

Painting at our Families Cabin in Utah. Every July, the poppy fields explode with color.

My Children

We recently welcomed home my son, LCPL Justin Hayes from Iraq. We are so grateful that he came home to us safe and will continue to pray for all the military

In Honor of Jim

Justin wanted to get a tattoo that honored the people who helped make him a marine. This tatto is the Marine Symbol, Eagle, Globe and Anchor. In the middle of the globe is a pair of Cowboy Boots with Jim's initials on them. Jim's signature and his birthdate and Death date.