Elizabeth Robbins

From time to time this page will reflect some thoughts on art, steps for executing a painting, and tips on working with color. Take a moment to read through the following and give it some thought......

Recently I did a demo at Highlands Art Gallery in New Jersey. It is posted on the Highlands Art Gallery web site.

Steps for Painting a Still Life

Step 1

I washed the canvas with Raw Umber then let it dry. Once dry I loosely drew in the composition using a filbert bristle and more Raw Umber

Step 2

Next, I blocked in the jar and the roses with a simple mass of color

Step 3

Next I started to refine the roses and the jar. I'm constantly asking myself at this point "is the mix I need lighter or darker - warmer or cooler than what's already there?" Painting roses with this many petals can give you a headache. Really try to simplify it in the beginning. I also started to lay in my background.

Step 4

I continued with the background and started to mass in the leaves

Step 5

Here is the finished painting. These roses came from my garden. I got carried away with yellow rose plants so you'll be seeing alot of yellow roses in my painting.

Step 6

This is the actual set up.